Henstar PLC owns the translation platform New Europe Translations.

New Europe Translations’ expert linguists have all had over 10 years of experience in the language community. We have worked in over 100 languages for Mercola.com, the European Union, UNICEF, the Bulgarian government, Re-Max and many others.

New Europe Translations’ work with Mercola.com, the World's #1 Natural Health Website, and other health and
environmental news websites on four continents has led us to become the only expert translation company in this area in the World.

Our accuracy has led to rave reviews from our clients, who are always pleasantly surprised by our professionalism and the wide range of our expertise. Our team is full of translators and proof-readers who have worked in countries across the World and therefore we provide a service that is based on a work ethic that can only be described as top class.

Please visit the New Europe Translations website here for more information and a free quote.

New Europe Translations is one of the only translation agencies to provide its clients with accurate translations that are all proof-read by expert linguists without extra charge.

For all the translations from any of the over 100 languages we translate from and to English, we provide the added huge bonus of a team of native English proof-readers to check your text. They make sure that New Europe Translations can provide you with the most professional service possible.