Henstar PLC is a public relations company with global expertise in Sustainable Agriculture, Translations and Web Platforms:

  • We are expert consultants on Sustainable Agriculture to a number of governments in the European Union
  • We publish one of the World’s most successful sustainable agriculture online news sources – Sustainable Pulse
  • We translate to and from over 100 global languages for the European Union, UNICEF and many others
  • We create game-changing global Web Platforms, including Apps, Cloud Computing and Video and 3D design

Sustainable Pulse – www.sustainablepulse.com

Sustainable Pulse is one of the World’s most successful Sustainable Agriculture online news sources. Sustainable Pulse provides the general public with the latest global news on Sustainable Food and Sustainable Agriculture from our network of worldwide sources.

The Detox Project – www.detoxproject.org

The Detox Project brings awareness to the public by testing for toxic chemicals in our food and bodies at a very personal level. This is inspiring the public to change to NON-TOXIC food and household products.

Our Team Leader: Henry Rowlands

Henry was brought up on a family run organic sheep farm in the Pembrokeshire National Park in Wales. His connection to both farming and the protection of the Welsh countryside led to a deep interest in issues related to sustainable agriculture from a young age.

Following work as a news agency Journalist in many countries across Europe, Henry has moved on to set up Sustainable Pulse , which focuses on sustainable agriculture. Sustainable Pulse now has a regular readership of over 100,000 people per month from over 125 countries.

Sustainable Pulse is also involved in a number of reference projects, all of which have the aim of educating the public on the problems surrounding the overuse of pesticides. These include The Detox Project, which has set up a unique pesticide testing platform across America.

Henry is also an advisor on sustainable agriculture to a number of governments in the European Union.